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Step 1: Sensitive Detection

Detection of an initiator protease is key to the Pro-CR Technology

Guide to


Initiating Protease


Self Amplifying Complex

Copy of blue complex new.jpg

Self Amplifying Protease

Copy of blue active.jpg

Signaling Peptide

Copy of peptide_v2.jpg

The above slideshow depicts how an initiator protease causes the activation of our self-amplifying protease. The red initiator cuts the cleavage sequence of the inhibitor, activating the blue protease.

antibody with prot A red.jpg

EXAMPLE: Linkage to binding molecules


In the ProCR version of an ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), the target protein is immobilized on a solid support, an antibody conjugated to an initiating protease forms a complex with the target protein, and then self-amplifying complex and substrate are added to amplify the signal from the conjugated protease and convert its concentration into a time signature.

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