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About Potomac


Potomac Affinity Proteins was founded in March 2005 to develop and commercialize technology resulting from 15 years of NIH funded research done by Dr. Philip Bryan at the University of Maryland. Potomac acquired the exclusive license to this technology from the University of Maryland in May 2005.  

Potomac has been awarded four NIH SBIR awards (Small Business Innovative Research) and one USAMRIID award (United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases).

Grants Awarded to Potomac Affinity Proteins,


Philip N. Bryan, Ph.D., Founder and Scientific Director 

Dr. Bryan is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Maryland and the founder of Potomac Affinity Proteins.  His academic research applies genetic, biochemical and biophysical methods to study protein folding and enzymology.  The studies form the foundation of a hierarchical progression in which fundamental understanding of folding and enzymology translates into principles of protein engineering and engineering principles translate into protein-based machinery.   


Biao Ruan, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

Before becoming Principal Scientist for Potomac Affinity Proteins in 2005, Dr. Biao Ruan worked with Dr. Bryan for 10 years on subtilisin and its interaction with the prodomain. During this time Dr. Ruan made a number of the seminal discoveries which led to the company’s first commercial products (the eXact purification system, marketed by Bio-Rad Laboratories). Dr. Ruan is considered an expert in enzymology and phage selection technology and is a co-inventor of the detection methodology.

Dr. Yingwei Chen, Ph.D., Principal Scientist

Dr. Chen’s research focuses on protein engineering, investigating protein properties and functions in vitro and in vivo, immunotechnology, and biophysical approaches. Her applications-related research includes prevention of infectious diseases, animal models, clinical trials, the development of diagnostic kits, therapeutic antibodies and recombinant vaccine.


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