Profinity eXact Fusion-Tag System
Profinity eXact is a protein purification system developed in conjunction with Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., in 2008. This highly efficient system consistently produces protein solutions with up to 99% purity.


Profinity eXact Fusion-Tag System ‎‎‎‎‎(Credit: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.)‎‎‎‎‎

Our protein purification system includes two basic components

1) the target protein fused to an engineered prodomain (the eXact tag) 

2) a subtilisin mutant that is virtually inactive in the absence of a triggering agent. 

The extremely tight binding of the eXact tag and subtilisin create a highly robust complex, until the triggering solution is added. This fluoride or azide solution then activates virtually 100% cleavage of the target protein from the tag, resulting in a completely pure specimen. 

Purchase of the Profinity eXact Fusion-Tag system is available through the 
Bio-Rad website.