Exponential Self-Amplification
The ability to engineer self-amplifying proteases is the cornerstone of the Pro-CR technology. The basic concept is described below.


The engineered, self-amplifying complex has two parts: the protease and its complementary inhibitor. The inhibitor stays tightly bound to the protease until its cleavage sequence is cut. 

Because the cleavage sequence of the inhibitor is specifically engineered to be cut by its own protease, the complex is self-amplifying. Once a few molecules of free protease are added to a solution of bound complex, eventually (generally after several hours) an exponential cascade occurs and all free protease are released. The timing depends on the initial concentration of free protease.

P + IP --> 2P + Ideg

Where P is free protease, IP is bound complex, and Ideg is the cleaved (and inactive) inhibitor.