Step 1: Sensitive Detection
Detection of an initiator protease is key to the Pro-CR Technology

The above slideshow depicts how an initiator protease causes the activation of our self-amplifying protease. The red initiator cuts the cleavage sequence of the inhibitor, activating the blue protease.

Linkage to binding molecules  Conjugating an antibody (or any other binding module) with an initiator protease allows a Pro-CR to be incorporated into virtually any immunoassay to improve its sensitivity and ability to precisely measure the concentration of the target molecule.  For example, in the ProCR version of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent  assay (ELISA), the target protein is immobilized on a solid support, an antibody conjugated to an initiating protease forms a complex with the target protein, and then self-amplifying complex and substrate are added to amplify the signal from the conjugated protease and convert its concentration into a time signature.